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Student and Alum Team Up for Village Program

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I started working as the Utility Round-Up Coordinator when I was awarded a Miller Fellowship position with the Village of Yellow Springs in November of 2018. As the Utility Round-Up Coordinator, I helped launch the Utility Round-Up Program alongside the support of the URUP Committee in January of 2019. The URUP is a two-phase community enrichment program aimed at 1) raising donations to financially assist YS Villagers and 2) reinforcing personal agency in environmental stewardship through multi-generational educational programming.

After a few months of meeting with numerous community members and organizations like WYSO, the Yellow Springs News, and the Yellow Springs Brewery, I realized that the URUP needed a logo to make a lasting impression. Local artist Wakka Ciccone ‘05 immediately came to mind. Not only is Wakka an extremely talented illustrator, but I was hopeful for the opportunity to collaborate with an Antioch College staff member in their area of expertise. Wakka is the mailroom and merchandise coordinator for the College.

As we all know, those holding staff positions at Antioch College are multi-talented, highly accomplished individuals — many with artistic talents and some with degrees of higher education extending to the master’s level.

As a student, having the opportunity to ask for Wakka’s support was not only fitting, as she was the perfect person for the job, but it allowed for staff and student collaboration in working towards goals extending beyond Antioch’s campus. Working with Wakka allowed me to develop a meaningful working relationship with an Antioch staff member in the public sector of the Village in which we both reside.

I was encouraged by Wakka’s enthusiasm. She offered to change nuanced colors and to make any design edits at the URUP committee’s request. Her willingness to accommodate and support the work I am doing as a Miller Fellow has been invaluable. Our working together encouraged me to consider the multiplicity of ways in which mentorship manifests at Antioch, reinforcing the importance of student/staff collaboration.

Wakka’s design for the URUP logo will far surpass my Miller Fellowship position. It has added a unique aesthetic to give the URUP presence in our community and has helped make it unforgettable.

Thank you so much, Wakka!

Conor Jameson ’20 is Utility RoundUp Coordinator for the Village of Yellow Springs.