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Experimental Film by Catalina Jordan Alvarez in List

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Online art publication Hyperallergic reached out to artists, filmmakers, and Hyperallergic contributors to compile a list of experimental film and video art they’re sharing in their networks to combat “cabin fever.” As an alternative to everything we’ve already watched on Netflix, Hyperallergic presents multi-artist collections as well as works by single artists available for streaming online.

Visiting Assistant Professor of Media Art Catalina Jordan Alvarez‘s film, Sound Spring, Seq. #6: The School and The Home, is featured in the list:

Part of a larger project, for which Alvarez conducted audio interviews with residents of Yellow Spring, Ohio, and later synced their recording with footage of the village. This excerpt traces the community’s “long and mixed history of civil rights struggles. Some residents trace their roots six generations to the Conway Colony — formerly enslaved people who were helped to settle here by the abolitionist son of their slaver. Antioch College is one of the most liberal liberal art schools in the country. Due to financial turmoil, its once 2,500 students today number 100 and empty buildings abound. Its illustrious alumni include Coretta Scott King, who eventually transferred, as she wasn’t able to carry out her internships where she wanted to because of the color of her skin.”

Read more about the inspiration for the collection of experimental film and video art and find something new to stream on Hyperallergic‘s website.