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A Platform to Share Ideas and Stories – Submissions Welcome

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Amid the impacts of the COVID-19 outbreak, these are important times to stay connected, to share our stories, and to apply creativity and resilience as we find new ways of working, living, and caring for one another.

In response, Antioch College offers THINK ACT CONNECT as a platform for sharing ideas and stories to connect within our community and with those who share our Antiochian calling to win victories for humanity. Antioch is defined by action—by its students, alumni, and its entire community. 

We invite you to learn about what Antiochians are doing and how they are taking action in this moment.

And we invite you to share your thoughts as well. How has the pandemic affected you—professionally, in your personal relationships, or in your region? How have you been moved to respond? How are your peers responding?

Stories, thought pieces, photos, videos, or whatever you wish to share is welcome. Submit your contribution.

Questions? Send us a message.