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Seasons’ Greetings from the Extended Family

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As the holidays approach, whatever and however you celebrate, this Buffalo wishes you health and sanity. Having been at the College for decades and also having been on the Alumni Board, at the College Revival Fund, the reopened College, and sometimes that thing called Facebook (which really should only exist to help Antioch, wink, wink), I realize that the living institution is at least eight decades deep.

Recently I queried the Antioch Masses who are my Facebook friends to check in and see what collective wisdom might be out there. We are all navigating this storm as it passes over together yet in our own ways. The responses came from a wide range of Antiochians from 1950 to those not yet graduated. Some are intentionally irreverent. Some are helpful hints. Some are heart wrenching. The bottom line is that there are eight decades of extended family out there and it is sometimes good to check in, share sorrows, and maybe get inspiration.

We have substituted years for names just because it is about the collective wisdom.

There you have it. A small piece of the river of Antiochians who are weathering the same storm in a myriad of ways.

Although life is hectic, please know that the College was a wonderful and safe educational bubble during the fall. Horace would be proud! As we head toward the year’s end, please consider an end-of-the-year gift for the Annual Fund and as always stay in touch in all the ways you can. Antioch works and Works well even in the craziest of times!

“A Buffalo Grazing” is a regular feature by alum Steven Duffy ’77, known to many as the Buffalo or simply Duffy.