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Statement on Suspended Medical License of Dr. Donald Gronbeck

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by | Jan 29, 2022

Dear Antioch College Community:

Like many of you, I am grappling with the harrowing news that the State Medical Board of Ohio suspended the medical license of Dr. Donald Gronbeck, Antioch Class of 2002 and former campus doctor from 2015-2019. Antioch College unequivocally condemns sexual violence of any nature and we are working with local authorities to provide information and help ensure that a full accounting is made of any harms done as a result of Dr. Gronbeck’s work for the College.

As a college that is proud of our groundbreaking commitment to modeling and implementing sexual-based consent practices and policies, the irony is not lost. Our present campus leadership is fully committed to listening to all current and former Antioch community members affected and to assisting all those who may have been harmed. Students and employees may contact the College Title IX office in South Hall SOPP violations, including anonymous reports, can be filed here.

The Greene County Sheriff’s Office has posted a form to report any information or tips about Dr. Gronbeck and Yellow Springs Primary Care. We will provide support in making a report in-person or on-line to the Greene County sheriff, if requested.

While these words are important, I acknowledge that accountability is incomplete without action. The College is committed to scrutinizing our policies, procedures, and practices in all aspects of College life. In the coming months, Antioch will take the following steps:

  • Work with consultants and counselors to attend to the counseling needs of any Antioch community members and former students. Through a special emergency fund, we will direct support to current and former community members.
  • Review Antioch’s Sexual Offense Prevention Policy, in conversation with the larger community, and make appropriate revisions as needed.
  • Continue to educate and ensure campus-wide understanding of and adherence to Title IX.
  • Step up preventative education around creating a campus culture rooted in consent that refuses to tolerate sexual violence.

I deeply regret any breach of trust in Antioch’s Sexual Offense Prevention Policy that this news may have caused, and am committed to rebuilding that trust with our community, as a college that is proud of our commitment to modeling and implementing sexual-based consent practices and policies.

We are challenged, in response to this difficult and disturbing revelation, to support and care for each other in ways that will allow us to emerge with an even deeper sense of dedication to each other and to the creation of a community that is welcoming and secure for all.

Jane K. Fernandes

Pronouns: she, her or inclusive they, them
336-430-7524 (text only)

Reference Documents:
Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Policy
Sexual Offense Prevention Policy
Family Violence Prevention Center of Greene County
YWCA of Greater Dayton
Anti-violence Project of New York City, the nation’s largest anti-sexual violence organization

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