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SOPP/Title IX Report Form


This form may be used to report a Sexual Offense Prevention Policy violation. The information collected on this form will help track the frequency and nature of sexual offenses impacting students in the Antioch College community. Online reports will be reviewed by the SOPP/Title IX Coordinators. You may enter your name on this form or you may report anonymously. Anonymous reporting, however, may impact the College’s ability to respond to or pursue appropriate action against the respondent(s). If you include your name on this form, a SOPP/Title IX Coordinator will contact you.

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Incident Report

    To ensure confidentiality, the individual who makes a formal complaint is referred to as the Primary Witness or complainant. The person against whom the complaint has been filed is referred to as the Respondent.
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Definitions

    Formal: Complaints filed against a Community Member involve an investigation to determine if there is a preponderance of evidence to establish a violation of the College’s SOPP Policy. If a preponderance of evidence is established the case is then released to the Community Standards Board for a formal hearing. The remedies may include support and educational activities for either or both parties, and disciplinary action for the respondent who is found to have violated the Policy.

    Informal: Complaint remedies are developed with the Complainant. These include education and support activities. Informal complaints do not involve disciplinary action for the Respondent. The decision to file an informal complaint does not preclude the filing of a formal complaint at a later time if a satisfactory remedy cannot be implemented.

    Anonymous: Complaints are investigated by the Title Coordinator in conjunction with Title IX investigators to determine if any action can be taken or if there are any patterns of sexual violence of concern. Actions may include offering additional training for a specific group and/or issuing a campus wide alert.

    Third Party: Complaints are reviewed by the Title IX Coordinator to determine if further action can be taken. The Primary Witness in a third party complaint may choose whether or not to participate in the complaint. Support and services are offered regardless of their decision. Multiple third party complaints about the same incident and/or Respondent are given stronger consideration and may warrant a stronger response, depending on the nature of the allegation. Please see pg. 44 of the Student Handbook for more information regarding complaints.

  • In order to ensure that students receive prompt and appropriate attention for intoxication and also that there are no impediments to seeking such assistance, the College has instituted a Medical Assistance Amnesty Policy. In these instances in which a student calls 911 or College officials (including RLM’s and RA’s) for assistance, neither the individual calling nor the student in need of assistance will be charged with violations of this policy. No formal judicial action will be taken against the individuals in need or the persons reporting the incident unless the individuals involved demonstrate a repeated lack of care concerning their well- being and the well-being of the Campus Community or unless the incident results in criminal charges (or damages to College property). Alcohol- or drug-related elements within SOPP charges will be similarly protected by the SOPP.