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Antioch’s SOPP in the News

The New York Times, The Daily Podcast: Listen to ‘The Daily’: Sexual Harassment’s Toll on CareersOpens a New Window. by Michael Barbaro

Cincinnati Enquirer: 27 years ago, this sexual consent form was mocked. Now it’s more relevant than ever.Opens a New Window. by Kate Murphy

The New York Times: ‘I Kept Thinking of Antioch’: Long Before #MeToo, a Times Video Journalist Remembered a Form She Signed in 2004Opens a New Window. by Samantha Stark

The New York Times: Thank You for Asking by Katherine Rosman

The Washington Post: ‘No means no’ to ‘yes means yes’: How our language around sexual consent has changed by Katie Mettler

The Nation: #MeToo Is Changing the Definition of ‘Bad Sex’ by Collier Meyerson

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Aziz Ansari episode shows the most radical change in dating isn’t about sex by Aisha Sultan

Pioneer Press: ‘Yes means yes’ sex policy considered for Minnesota State’s 37 colleges and universities by Josh Verges

The New York Times: Aziz, We Tried to Warn You by Lindy West

Think Progress: Op-Ed: The Aziz Ansari story proves that our traditional ideas about consent are flawed by Jeanne Kay

New Repulbic: The Patriarchy Strikes Back by Sarah Jones

Dayton Daily News: Op-Ed: Consent 101 by Tom Manley

The Washington Post: Affirmative ConsentOpens a New Window. by Christine Emba

The Daily Beast: How Antioch College Got Rape Right 20 Years Ago Opens a New Nicolaus Mills

AGB Reports: Taking A Stand Against Sexual AssaultOpens a New Window. by Karen Mulhauser

​Think Progress: The First College To Use Affirmative Consent Was A Laughingstock. Now, The Tide Is Turning. byTara Culp-Ressler

NPR: The History Behind Sexual Consent PoliciesOpens a New Window. with Arun Rath and Kristine Herman

The Economist: Yes means yes, says Mr BrownOpens a New Window.

The New York Times Magazine: Oh Yes Means Yes: The Joy of Affirmative ConsentOpens a New Window. by Ann Friedman 


​The Cut: We Started the Crusade for Affirmative Consent Way Back in the ’90s by Bethany Saltman

Time: The Most Game-Changing Part of the ‘Affirmative Consent’ LawOpens a New Window. by Quinn Cummings

The Epoch Times: SUNY to Create ‘Yes Means Yes’ Sexual Assault PolicyOpens a New Window. by Jonathan Zhou

International Business Times: ‘Yes Means Yes’ Sexual Assault Prevention Law Has Prototype In Many College Campus PoliciesOpens a New Window. by Zoe Mintz

Big Think: Explicit Consent and College SexOpens a New Window. by Steven Mazie

Jezebel: Revisiting Antioch’s “Ask First” Policy 23 years laterOpens a New Window. by J. M. Bishop

Huffington Post: State of Consent in CaliforniaOpens a New Window. by Marrie Lobel

The New York Times: California Bill Sets Sights on Curbing Campus Sexual Assualts Opens a New Ian Lovett

The New York Times Letter to the Editor: Requiring Consent to Sex on Campus Opens a New Window.

The New York Times: ‘Yes’ Is Better Than ‘No’Opens a New Window. by Michael Kimmel and Gloria Steinem

Dayton Daily News: Local colleges react to California’s sex assault law Opens a New Lot Tan

WND Education: Consenting to sex could require a text Opens a New Leo Hohmann

Salon: Let’s talk about sex (more): Education, conversation is the way to help prevent sexual assault Opens a New Katie McDonough