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Racial Discrimination Prevention Policy (RDPP)

Since its student-initiated inception in 1997, the Racial Discrimination Prevention Policy (RDPP) was the work of students, staff, faculty and administrators at Antioch College prior to the closure in 2007. The college’s Sexual Offense Prevention Policy inspired the idea for a policy designed to support an anti-racist college environment. Procedural components to address prevention are also included in the policy as part of the mediation and resolution process. The College’s Administrative Council approved this policy in 2006.

At its reopening in 2009 the College chose to re-adopt this policy in recognition of the extensive work and research of past Antiochians to create it and the continued need that it addresses in our culture. It is our belief that there is a need on every campus across the nation to support an inclusive and diverse community. The Antioch College Diversity Group reviewed the policy in Spring of 2012 and Community Council and Senior Leadership Team reaffirmed institutional commitment to the policy with minor revisions.


Antioch College is committed to being an inclusive community in which all persons have an equal opportunity to pursue academic excellence and participate in governance and community life. The educational mission of the college includes a proactive commitment to increase our knowledge, to develop our ability to question, and to develop intellectual consciousness regarding ourselves and the society in which we live.

Antioch College – students, faculty, staff, and administrators – has as its goal to create and sustain an anti-discriminatory environment, as articulated in existing anti-discrimination statements and legal obligations. Moreover, through this Racial Discrimination Prevention Policy (RDPP), the college actively commits to being an anti-racist, multicultural institution.

View more details in the Racial Discrimination Prevention Policy (RDPP) posted in the College’s Policy Library (Policy # 04.016).

Policy Review

The RDPP will be presented for community review every two years through an open format. The review is to ensure that the policy remains a viable document that meets community needs, and that its procedures and commitments are up to date and upheld in practice.

View more details in the Racial Discrimination Prevention Policy (RDPP) posted in the College’s Policy Library (Policy # 04.016).