Stock Transfer

How to Make a Stock Transfer

Your broker can electronically transfer shares of stock to Antioch College through our brokerage account. To do so, your broker will need the following information.

  • Stocks and gifts transfer to Antioch College Corporation at:
    US Bank, NA
    Acct, # 12773792
    DTC # 0280
    Contact: Marie Azbill
    Phone: 937.426.6313


Normally a broker will provide US Bank only with the stock issue and number of shares being transferred; the donors name typically is not provided. To ensure that the college can match your intention to make a gift via stock transfer, please contact Vanessa McNeal in the Office of Advancement at the time you are making a stock transfer.

Tax Benefits

Antioch College is a registered 501(c)(3) corporation eligible to receive tax-deductible gifts under applicable IRS regulations

A gift of appreciated stock is a very attractive way to give to Antioch College. Not only will you support the College with your gift, you may also realize a substantial tax savings if you have owned the stock for at least 366 days, and the stock has appreciated in value.

A gift of stock is not considered complete until the stock shares arrive in the US Bank brokerage account. The valuation of your stock gift will be determined by multiplying the mean between the high and low prices of the stock issue as of the date the College receives the shares by the number of shares contributed.

Please contact us for instructions if you have physical possession of stock certificates and wish to endorse and send them to Antioch College directly.

Please consult your tax advisor for questions regarding your own gift situation. Neither Antioch College nor its employees can provide tax advice.


Contact the Office of Advancement

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