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Thank You!

Your support makes Antioch College


How do you say “we appreciate it” to those who make it possible for what we do at Antioch?
There’s only one way:
Thank you!

Sandy Coulter, Library Staff

Video edited by Reese Paynter ’24, Communications Post Production Assistant, Co-op Spring Quarter 2021

I want to say THANK YOU for making this all possible. Thank you for believing in the vision of Antioch and its possibilities. Though I don’t know all of you, our fates are irrevocably bound together.

I am an alum, I studied Philosophy, and I am now serving as the first Community Manager since the College’s re-opening. Though not without its challenges, I am so grateful to wake up every day and feel that I am participating in meaningful work. I’ve been in a seven-year relationship with the College. Though that’s simply a blip for some, it is a significant portion of my 25 years, and all of my adulthood.

Quite simply, I am who I am because of Antioch. My relationships, my values, my sense of self, are all tied to the heart of this place. I want to thank you for giving me this life—my life. I don’t think I would have cultivated such deep attention to the world if it weren’t for Antioch, and by extension you all—by virtue of being its legacy, and by quite literally sustaining that legacy.

I do not have any rose-colored illusions about our challenges of our position, or the general uncertainty of the future. However, I witness passionate, dynamic, incredible people changing Antioch, and being changed by Antioch, everyday. I see the depth of their frustrations—because they care, and also the depth of their joy—because they care. Wherever we are, and wherever we’re going—this experiment is, always has been, and always will be worth it.

Coco Gagnet ’18, Community Manager


Your time, talent, and treasure made my (and so many others’) Antioch experience possible. From donating to my scholarship fund to helping me find my way on Co-ops in unfamiliar cities to spending your summers beautifying the campus, I couldn’t have done it without you. I am eternally grateful.

Chris Welter ’20

This quarter, I’m beyond thankful for my amazing Co-op class and my advisors’ support through this time! I’ve had a lot of fun engaging in my community through a more thoughtful lens and being able to reflect deeper on the work I’m doing.

Rayna Alvarado ’24

What would we do without our alumni donors? The support that you all give is unmatched. We appreciate every one of you; thanks for all that you all do!

J.P. Robinson, former Assistant Dean of Students


I fear that any amount of written words prove themselves to be lackluster in expressing my awe and appreciation I hold for the entire alumni network. A fond memory of my first year at Antioch College is sharing Colloquia and Reunion of Antioch’s past and current students. While this pandemic has rewritten the definition of what we considered normalcy, I find hope in knowing that every Antiochian has held dear the common goals of supporting each other and this special institution. I anxiously await the day we all join in South Gym to watch bidding, or to share meals before dancing at the Sculpture Annex. The face of higher education is changing, but I find comfort in knowing that your support and guidance transcends the effects of new trials and futures.

My best, always,

KaDae A. Brockington ’22

This is a huge thank you to all alumni who continue to support the College with their donations, their volunteerism, and their deeply held belief that Antioch College must be present in our contemporary educational landscape.

We all have our own ways of showing support, and this is meant to recognize everything that my alumni contribute to this ongoing work.

Michael Casselli ’87, Assistant Professor of Sculpture and Installation, Arts Division Chair

Dear you:

Hello! My name is S. Quinn Ritzhaupt, and I’m a student at Antioch College (class of 2023!). I study history and archives, and I have a particular passion for Antioch’s history.

Antioch means a lot to me. It’s not only my school, but my home. I love it here, and “here” would not exist without your support. Both historically and presently, your love for the College is what has kept us open, running, and alive.

I, like many of my fellow students, knew we wouldn’t belong anywhere else. Antioch was my first and only choice, just as it was for my sister before me. The experiences and opportunities I’ve already had here have impacted me so deeply. I am finding myself here with every class, job, and gathering.

Sometimes, I like to go on walks around (our) campus, which typically results in me ending up at Main, staring up at her magnificent towers, and feeling a deep sense of connection and gratitude for my place here. This is a direct result of your care and support.

I am thanking you with every bit of myself! I appreciate you!

S. Quinn Ritzhaupt ’23

Thank you to all of the alumni donors! Your generosity allows the College to function and provide education to people who may not otherwise have had the opportunity. This quarter, I am looking forward to taking statistics, physics, and a chemistry lab that will help me achieve my future career goals. I would not be able to pursue these dreams without all of the support from you past Antiochians, so thank you! 

Noah Greer ’22

The African term ubuntu is sometimes translated to mean, “I am because we are.” Parenthetically, we can say “Antioch is because alumni are.” Thank you for your unwavering dedication to your alma mater. Because of your support, students are able to earn a quality education. Thank you for all you do.

Mila Cooper, former Dean of Students

Dear Antiochians,

Thank you for all you do to keep our doors open and our school running. Antioch has been such a blessing for me, so thank you times a million!

Jordan Miller ’24

Thank you so much to the alumni for your donations and support! I have only been here since January, but it has been very evident to me that the alums of this school care A LOT about it. I want to give a huge shout out and thank you to the alumni who volunteer their time assisting the Facilities Department on campus. I cannot imagine going back to my alma mater to deep-clean bathrooms but you all do so with a lot of love for this school. I am grateful and I know students are as well!

Shannon Malone, Residence Life and Housing Operations Coordinator

Dearest friend, 

You’re too kind. I really can’t thank you enough for helping my school stay open. Antioch is my home and I am so lucky and so proud to be here. Thank you for making it possible for me to belong somewhere. I never knew I could love a school so much. Thank you for everything!!

Best wishes,

Pamela Martinez-Ibarra ’24

Thank you for your endless support and dedication to the Antioch College community.

We could not do this without your commitment and support of future Antiochians!

Ariella Brown,Title IX Coordinator

Many thanks and gratitude to our alumni! I have worked with many of you from my time in Advancement, and I know how important Antioch College is to each and every one of you. Not too many schools can lay claim to rising from the ashes like a phoenix due to the generosity and determination of the alumni. 

Allyson Johns, former Administrative Assistant

Thank you for believing in the transformative power of an Antioch College education—an education that works.

Every day, Antioch students benefit from the generosity of Antiochians and friends who donate and volunteer their time. Any way, and any amount you give empowers students to own their education, learn experientially, and act for justice. They are well on their way to winning victories for humanity.