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Creating the Vision: FACT

The Framework for Antioch College’s Transition

Visionary and audacious minds have been at work through every decade of Antioch’s history, imagining new possibilities, experimenting and innovating. Building on this history, Antioch is now pursuing a bold vision of what a college education must be for young people who want new and better ways of living, and we are doing this through FACT—the Framework for Antioch College’s Transition.

FACT is a Tool for Innovation

FACT is a process which recognizes the power of collective action and relies upon a collaborative, design-build approach to brainstorming solutions. FACT launched in the summer of 2016, when students, faculty, staff, and alumni came together to brainstorm ideas for each of the College’s resources, now known as curricular assets, to be more involved thoughtfully and strategically with the College’s mission and curriculum.

A Vision Emerges From FACT

Building on insights from the FACT process and the results of FACT Week, the Antioch College Board of Trustees adopted Antioch@175: A New Kind of College, a vision for Antioch’s future.

Currently, the campus community is actively bringing Antioch@175 to life. As part of this work, the faculty has restructured the curriculum around the foundational areas of environmental sustainability and democracy and justice, with each supported by the study of creative practice. These areas dovetail with Antioch’s current academic strengths, especially when assets like WYSO and the Glen are included.