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Outcomes and Accountability

Student Outcomes and Accountability

  First-time, full-time, first-year retention rate 4-year Graduation Rate* 6-year Graduation Rate*
2011 cohort 89% 44% 56%
2012 cohort 89% 66% 66%
2013 cohort 92% 62% 78%
2014 cohort 81%    
2015 cohort 67%    
2016 cohort 58%    
2017 cohort 47%    
2018 cohort 68%    
Average 74% 57% 67%

*Graduation rates calculated according to IPEDS definitions and include students who graduated as of August 31 of their fourth/sixth year.

Post-Graduate Outcomes

According to results from our most recent First-Destination Survey:

  • Our 6-month employment or graduate school placement rate was 87% for the class of 2015, 88% for the class of 2016, 93% for the class of 2017, 88% for the class of 2018, and 84% for the class of 2019 among those for whom we have data.
    • Graduate schools where our new alumni have been admitted include George Washington University School of Law, American University, The New School, Miami University, Chatham University, Ohio State University, Kent State University, University of Texas, Boston University, Earlham College, John Hopkins University, Wittenberg University, and Cambridge University.
  • All (100%) of respondents felt they had a meaningful and relevant experience at Antioch College.
  • 66% of respondents cited that alumni supported them in some way during their undergraduate experience at Antioch.
First-Destination Survey Results are available on the Institutional Effectiveness Research page.
Class of 2019 First-Destination Survey results on the IER page