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Residence Halls

Residence Life Mission Statement

The mission of the Residence Life Program is to provide a sense of home to a diverse student population while empowering students with life skills that translate beyond the walls of the residence hall. Residence Life emphasizes building a culture of respect and compassion in students’ living spaces, a sense of stewardship towards facilities, and the development of civic responsibility and leadership skills that are essential for success and overall educational experience.

Residential Living at Antioch College

On-campus residency is a critical component of the Antioch experience, and campus life is often the laboratory in which complex social theory is tested and refined. Even students who feel fully connected to the Antioch community often report feeling isolated from the community experience when living off-campus. All students are expected to live on campus all four years. 

Students may petition to live off-campus if they meet criteria listed below:

Students who wish to petition for off campus housing must meet with the Business Office and the Financial Aid office to discuss the financial implications of living off campus. These meetings are meant to be informative and are not determining of outcome. Students must complete an Off-Campus Housing Petition and submit a statement addressing the reason for their petition. Students must then meet with the Residence Life Coordinator to present their petition and statement. All petitions must be approved by the Dean of Students and the Residence Life Coordinator. Petitions are due the seventh week of the term previous to the desired start of off-campus housing. no petitions will be considered after seventh week.

Headshot of JP Robinson

John Paul (J.P.) Robinson

Assistant Dean of Students

Headshot of JP Robinson
John Paul (J.P.) Robinson

John Paul (J.P.) Robinson (he/him/his) is a native of Cleveland, OH, who currently works in the Office of Student Affairs as the Assistant Dean of Students, in addition to serving as the Racial Discrimination Prevention Policy Advocate and as an adjunct professor. He completed his undergraduate and graduate work at the University of Toledo in Toledo, OH. J.P. has worked in higher education for 10 years and has professional experience in Residence Life, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Student Life, Student Conduct, New Student Orientation, Advising, and Multicultural Affairs. He is also the recipient of numerous campus and community awards and accolades — including the 2019 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Drum Major for Justice Award. J.P. is passionate about student support, social justice, advocacy, and mentoring, and he is committed to serving his community to the best of his abilities.

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Residence Halls

We currently have three Residence Halls open: North Hall, Case Commons, and Birch Hall. On the first floor of each is a kitchen and dining hall (Antioch Kitchens) where fresh local food is prepared by a wonderful staff and the members of the building dine together. Case Commons is upper level student apartment style living with single rooms, shared bathrooms and a large common/kitchen area. All buildings are wheelchair accessible and completely smoke-free. Common areas on each hall provide space for our bi-weekly hall meetings, study groups, and socializing. The Residence Life Coordinator is reachable in each hall and on the fourth floor of South Hall.

North Hall

One of the three original buildings at Antioch College, North Hall is centrally located near academic buildings and administrative offices. In 2011, a $5.7 million renovation project was launched to incorporate features that combine comfort and sustainable living.

In fall 2012, the College unveiled the newly renovated North Hall. Its first residents were the entering class of 1853.



Birch Hall

Birch Hall is named after Hugh Taylor Birch a 1869 alumnus who donated Glen Helen to Antioch College to honor the memory of his daughter. It was designed by Eero Saarinen who also designed the St. Louis Gateway Arch. Birch Hall is considered an outstanding example of the modern Cubist style of post WWII architecture and was completed in 1948. Each room features:

  • Large double rooms
  • Wall-to-wall windows
  • Built-in closets and dressers with mirror; originally designed for two students
  • Built-in desks
  • Twin bed
  • All rooms newly painted
  • Air conditioning individually controlled for comfort

Case Commons

Typically for our fourth-year students, Case Commons provides apartment-style living for students. Up to eight students can live in each of the three Case Commons Units. Each Unit has eight rooms, two restrooms and a shared living room/kitchen. Students living in Case Commons are expected to follow all Residence Life policies as stated in the Student Handbook.