Environmental Sustainability

Committed to Environmental Sustainability

Upon its re-opening in 2011, Antioch College has strived to reduce the impact of its campus operations on the environment by establishing sustainable policies, programs and practices that ensure it is conducting operations in an environmentally sound manner—consistent with Antioch’s vision of providing a place where new and better ways of living are discovered as a result of meaningful engagement with the world through intentional linkages between classroom and experiential education.

Antioch lives its commitment to environmental sustainability in a comprehensive way perhaps unmatched by any other college. Antioch’s distinctive approach to sustainability incorporates substantive aspects of the classroom and experiential learning curriculum, environmentally conscious guideposts for campus planning and operations, approaches to conservation and protection of natural resources, and future planning.

A typical college uses its grounds to reinforce its marketing. Well-manicured lawns and formal gardens convey ample resources and order, and ivy-covered buildings equate with age and grandeur. Antioch’s campus is an integral part of a very different instructional landscape.