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Co-op News & Achievements

Take a step back when you feel like you need to: An interview with Robyn McCoy ’24

“I’d probably tell people that it's okay to worry about how you're doing. But don't put too much stress on yourself. Because when you put too much stress on yourself, that's when you burn out and you feel like quitting. So just always take a step back when you feel like you need to take a step back.”


Lola Betz '22 is a filmmaker, artist, musician, fashion-icon, and a true Antiochian. Lola is on the brink of completing a trilogy of feature-length films made at and about Antioch. Her work is rich, mysterious, and fun. Here is a student with great talent and potential. Enjoy this interview with Lola Betz '22.

Ka’Dae Brockington ’21 Presenting at GLCA e-Conference

Ka’Dae Brockington ’21 (Biomedical Anthropology major with a focus on American Jurisprudence, Physical and Biological Anthropology) will be presenting in the GLCA Women’s & Gender Studies e-conference. His work on ‘Determining Access: Social and Physical Barriers for Marginalized College Students’ will be part of a Wellness & Health Equity panel from 9 am to 10 am.

Miller Fellows Constructing New Agraria Hoop House

Construction of a new hoop house on Agraria began last weekend with the help of Antioch College Miller Fellows: Juliana Aisa, Hunter Compton ’24, Angel Harris ’24, David Klasovsky ’22, Kyla Lemin ’24, Vanae Pate ’24, Chanel Phillips ’24, Romel Phillips ’24, Melanie Rudolf, Delaney Schlesinger-Devlin, and Madison Stephenson ’24, and Encore Miller Fellows.