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Residence Halls & Campus Life



Residence Halls

General Information

  • All students will be assigned a single room for Fall quarter, and a limited capacity will be set for each wing/floor.
  • All students living on campus must sign a housing contract prior to move-in. COVID related issues will be included.
  • The Antioch Kitchens will set up “Kitchen Annexes” in the residence halls; please Dining for more information.
  • Students are asked not to have more than 3 people total in a residence hall room at any given time.

Visitors in Residence Halls

  • Guests will not be permitted in the Antioch College residence halls after these assigned move-in dates.
  • No more than three students may gather in a residence hall room, and all must be living on-campus.
  • Antioch College students who live off-campus will not be permitted inside Antioch College residence halls.
  • Scroll down to “Visitors” for more information about visitors to campus.

Common Areas & Bathrooms

  • Common areas: Students must maintain social distancing, wear masks and capacity will be posted.
  • Bathrooms: In residential bathrooms, students should practice social distancing. Each wing/floor will determine community standards such as bathroom use, potential scheduling of shower times, etc.
  • Bathrooms in Birch and North Halls will be cleaned daily by staff.
  • For details on health and safety protocols in common areas and bathrooms, please see the “Prevention” section of the Campus Nurse’s “Antioch Health Services “Care Plan” for Students During the 2020 Pandemic”

Quarantine & Isolation

  • Should the Campus Nurse determine it to be necessary, students may be moved temporarily to one of the designated quarantine spaces.
  • West Hall will serve as the primary residence hall for quarantine and isolation, and bed linens will be provided.
  • Students should have a small bag of essential clothing and other items available in the event that quarantine is necessary.
  • Please see the “Monitoring” section of the Campus Nurse’s “Antioch Health Services “Care Plan” for Students During the 2020 Pandemic” for detailed information.

End of Quarter

  • Residence Halls close at noon Sunday, March 28 for people who are going home for spring break.

Life On Campus

Life on campus will be very different due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Students must remain as flexible as possible regarding any last minute changes to our Winter 2021 reopening plan as we adhere to mandates from Greene County or the State of Ohio. This situation is dynamic; packing “light” compared to other quarters is advisable.

Programming & Community Engagement

  • Student Affairs will collaborate with the Community Manager, Comcil and students to plan events while adhering to health and safety protocols.

Some other COVID-19 related issues we would like you to be aware of

  • Expectations around mask wearing, physical distancing, hygiene, public space cleanliness, etc. are clearly communicated; please read “Health & Safety Protocols” and “Student Health Services” for details.

  • All students and employees will sign the Safety & Health Community Agreement and adhere to safety protocols outlined in the Winter 2021 Residency Contract. Failure to comply could result in removal from college housing.

  • If you should change your mind about returning to campus and want to cancel your housing assignment for fall, you may do so at any time by communicating this decision in writing to

Campus Visitors

  • Visitors to campus will be limited for Winter 2021. We respectfully request that outside visitors, including families of current students, avoid visiting campus this fall. Read more on the Visitors page…
  • For information about visitors in residence halls, please scroll up for more information.