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Q: How do I reactivate my membership? 
A: All active memberships currently on hold due to the closure will be reinstated upon your arrival at no additional cost. Memberships will not be activated without your consent or without proof of vaccination.
Q: Have prices changed at the Wellness Center? 
A: No. Membership rates have not changed. For information on memberships, or to purchase a membership, click here
Q: What about other purchases I made before the pandemic, such as swim lessons, workshops, etc?
A: If the service you purchased before the closure is not available at this time, you have 2 options: 
  1. Have the total of your purchases subtracted from your membership cost
  2. Have the money saved to your account to use for future workshops, swim lessons, apparel or anything else you’d like to buy at the Wellness Center. 
Q: Are you requiring proof of vaccination at the Wellness Center? 
A: Yes. All staff, instructors, vendors, students and members are required to provide proof of vaccination.
Q: How do I provide proof of vaccination? 
A: You will need to bring your vaccination card to the front desk and have it uploaded to your profile while you reactivate your membership. This applies to all those eligible for vaccination.
Q: Will I have to wear a mask in the Wellness Center? 
A: Yes. Masks are required at the Wellness Center, with the exceptions of: 
  • Use of the pool or spa
  • Use of treadmill, elliptical or stairmaster
  • During outdoor classes or activities
Q: What other precautions are being taken at the Wellness Center? 
A: Your health and safety are our number one priority. In addition to requiring masks and proof of vaccination, the Wellness Center is also taking the following precautions: 
  • Dedicated cleaning time between group activities
  • Social distancing 
  • Dedicated entry and exit points
  • Constant reevaluation of procedures 
  • Reduced class offerings and sizes
  • We will continue to follow all CDC guidelines and make adjustments as necessary
Q: What other changes will I see at the Wellness Center? 
A: The Wellness Center remains dedicated to providing the experiences you enjoyed in the past with some additional areas of growth such as: 
  • Increased student involvement and activity
  • Increased opportunities for children and youth
  • The location of the women and men’s locker rooms have been swapped to reflect the volume of foot traffic during aquatic classes and help reduce the risk of injury
  • …and more to come!


General Inquiries

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240 East South College Street, Yellow Springs, OH 45387

Located on Antioch College Campus at the corner of E. South College and Livermore Street

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