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The Wellness Center Policies & Procedures


Table of Contents

1. The Wellness Center Vision 

2. Donations 

3. Admittance Policy 

4. Liability Release Requirements 

5. Membership 

6. Membership Rates and Options 

7. Membership Account Administration 

8. Wellness Center Operations 

9. Classes, Workshops and Series 

10. Personal Training and Bodywork 

11. Drop In Programs 

12. Aquatic Courses and Swim Lessons, Master Swim

13. Unscheduled Closures of the Wellness Center  

14. The Wellness Center Mobile Phone Application

1. The Wellness Center Vision

1.01 Student Centric: The Wellness Center provides Antioch students with experiential health and wellness education. The Wellness Center focuses on student mental, physical, and spiritual growth through a myriad of wellness programs and develops student business acumen in wellness related career fields through our student employment program.
1.02 Community Engagement: Embracing the College’s core competency of authentic social and community engagement, the Wellness Center also offers our resources to the community through membership, scholarship and wellness programs.
1.03 Participant Responsibility: This document outlines policies and procedures designed to advance student and guest pursuits of holistic health and wellness. We ask that each participant take the responsibility to know and follow the policies and procedures of the Wellness Center. Adhering to this guidance ensures the facility remains a vibrant and safe place to gather, train, play, and learn.

2. Donations

2.01 The Wellness Center strives to serve a broad segment of the community by providing financial assistance to those in need.
2.02 As a Not for Profit Organization, the Wellness Center accepts tax deductible contributions for the facility, equipment, including the pool, programs, tennis area and pickleball. Donations may be made in any amount by mail or by simply stopping by the Front Guest Services desk.

3. Admittance Policy

3.01 The Wellness Center is for the use of Antioch Students, members, program participants, and other authorized guests.
3.02 With the exception of private or scheduled public events, all individuals entering the Wellness Center must check-in at the Front Guest Services desk upon arrival.
(a) Members may check-in utilizing their personal Wellness Center key tag, or scanning their phone while using the Mindbody app.
(b) With the exception of rentals and special events, all non-members must check-in with Wellness Center staff at the Guest Services desk.
(c) Visitors, vendors, or maintenance personnel must check-in with Wellness Center staff at the Front Guest Services desk and the sign the visitor’s log.
3.03 The Wellness Center reserves the right to confirm membership status, limit access, establish access authorization and develop guidelines for any minor individual within the facility at any time.

4. Liability Release Requirements

4.01 All individuals entering the Wellness Center to participate in or observe any activity must first complete a Liability Release form.
4.02 A parent or legal guardian must complete the Liability Release Form in the presence of a Wellness Center staff member for any individual less than 18 years of age. Liability Release forms are not accepted from minors or third parties.
4.03 For contracted programs and events a designated representative may assume responsibility for procuring waiver release and ensuring waiver validity for program participants. The representative will provide the Wellness Center management a list of all program participants and a signed Wellness Center Liability Release form for each guest. Members may be ask to complete a new waiver as needed.
4.04 The Wellness Center is not responsible for any injury sustained while participating in any Wellness Center activity or caused by using any Wellness Center equipment. Guests are responsible for ensuring equipment is functional before use and for possessing the knowledge necessary to properly and safely use the equipment.  Notify the staff immediately of any equipment malfunction or disrepair.

5. Memberships

5.01 Membership Types:
Individual Standard: Membership for a single individual, ages 15 and over, that allows use of the facility and discount pricing for group fitness classes, workshops and series.
Individual Premium: Membership for a single individual, ages 15 and over, that allows use of the facility, unlimited group fitness classes and discount pricing for workshops and series.
Group (Household) Standard:  A membership for individuals residing in the same residence (maximum of two adults and their dependents age 23 and under) that allows use of the facility and discount pricing for group fitness classes, workshops and series. Certain restrictions apply to minors. See Section 8.09 Minors at the Wellness Center.
Group (Household) Premium: A membership for individuals residing in the same residence (maximum of two adults and their dependents age 23 and under) that allows use of the facility, unlimited group fitness classes and discounted workshops and series. Certain restrictions apply to minors. See Section 8.09 Minors at the Wellness Center.

6. Membership Rates and Payment Options

6.01 Membership Rates: Current membership rates are available in the Wellness Center Brochure.  The listed membership rates do not include sales tax. Sales tax is added at the time of purchase. Membership rates are subject to change at any time. No refunds on Memberships.
6.02 Membership Discounts: The Wellness Center offers discounted membership rates to Antioch College employees, alumni, and senior individuals. Eligibility for the discount is verified as follows:
Antioch employee discounts are verified by the Antioch College Human Resources Office and the Wellness Center.
Antioch Alumni are verified by the Antioch College Alumni Relations Office.
Senior status, age 62 years and above, is verified by official documentation provided to the Wellness Center.
6.03 Financial Assistance: Financial assistance may be available through a special Scholarship Fund for individuals or households who meet the criteria. 
6.04 Membership Payment Options:
(a) Annual: A single lump sum payment for a discounted twelve-month membership; cash, check, credit or debit cards accepted.
(b) Monthly: A scheduled monthly charge to a credit or debit card that continues until client termination.
(c) One Month: A payment for a one-month membership.
(c) Day Pass: A non-refundable payment for single day access.
6.05 Initiation Fee: A one time, non-refundable administrative fee that applies to establishing Annual and Monthly accounts.  Sales tax is added to the initiation fee at the time of purchase. Memberships expired for more than 30 days are also subject to the Initiation Fee.

6.06 Personal Key Tag: Each member is photographed and provided a unique personal key tag for quick access to the facility. Lost or damaged key tags may be replaced for a fee.
6.07 Rate Structure Changes: Management reserves the right to change the membership rate structure at any time.

7. Membership Account Administration

7.01 Membership Hold: Members possessing an Annual or Monthly membership may request to hold a membership for convenience, however no refunds will be given. The following rules apply to a membership hold:
(a) Present the Wellness Center a completed Membership Hold Form, by email or in person, no later than 7 days prior to the requested hold date.
(b) Membership hold duration is from 1 to 4 months. Holds can not be for less than a month.
(c) Members may perform one membership hold annually at no cost. Subsequent hold requests within 1 year from the previous hold start date incurs a fee.
(d) Annual membership expiration dates are extended to match the duration of the hold period.
(e) Monthly membership billing cycles cease for the duration of the hold period. A new billing cycle begins upon the hold termination date.
(f) Members who choose to access the facility while the membership is in hold status must purchase a day pass or remove the membership hold.
(g) Exceptions may apply in cases of verifiable sudden/serious illness or injury, with approval by the center’s Director.
7.02 Membership Termination and Refunds: Members may request to terminate a membership at any time. The following rules apply to membership termination:
(a) Present the Wellness Center a completed Membership Termination Form, by email or in person.
(b) Memberships terminated within 48 hours of the time of purchase receive a full refund less the cost of facility access during the period the membership was active.
(c) Annual memberships terminated within 30 days of the purchase date receive a full refund less the cost of a One Month membership commensurate with type.  Annual memberships terminated beyond 30 days of the purchase date are not refundable.
(d) Monthly Memberships terminate on the first billing cycle that occurs after 30 days from receipt of the Membership Termination Form.
7.03 Membership Changes or Modifications: Members may request to change an active membership type at any time. The following rules apply to membership type changes:
(a) Present the Wellness Center a completed Membership Change Form, by email or in person, no later than 30 days prior to the requested change date.
(b) Changes to Annual memberships activate 30 days from receipt of the Membership Change Form.
Annual membership type changes will be changed on renewal date. If the change results in a client account credit, the expiration date of the new membership type is extended to match the credit amount.
(c) Changes to Monthly memberships activate on the first billing cycle that occurs after 30 days from receipt of the Membership Change Form.
7.04 Failure to Pay:  A client account is considered delinquent, when on the scheduled billing date, the client payment is unsuccessful. The client account becomes inactive until the failed payment is resolved. If unresolved for two consecutive billing dates the membership is terminated.  A client must pay the outstanding amount due to the center.

8. Wellness Center Operations

8.01 Wellness Center Hours of Operation: Hours of operation are seasonal. Hours of operation are posted in the facility,  the brochure and online at
8.02 Scheduled Holiday Closures: New Year’s Day;  Martin Luther King Jr. Day; Easter; Memorial Day; Independence Day; Labor Day; Thanksgiving Day and the day following; December 24, 25, 26, and 31. Facility may close due to Antioch school breaks.  
8.03 Room and Facility Utilization: The Wellness Center offers numerous multipurpose spaces. Guests may utilize any available space not in use. Extended or exclusive use requires a reservation. Please see the Front Guest Services desk for availability or to reserve a space. Schedules may change at any time. The Wellness Center may close the facility or a portion therein to support College events, rentals, facilitate maintenance, or conduct training. Such closures will not result in refund or extension of membership privileges.
8.04 General Etiquette and Conduct: The Wellness Center fosters an environment where all participants feel comfortable pursuing individual wellness goals. To ensure the facility remains a vibrant and safe place for guests, the following guidelines and expectations are provided.
8.05 Etiquette.
(a) Proper workout attire is required in the facility.
(b) Clean athletic shoes with closed toes and scuff resistant soles must be worn in all activity areas of the facility unless otherwise posted.
(c) Clean and functional fitness wear appropriate to the sport or event is required in all areas.  T-Shirts, tank tops, sports tops or sports bras are acceptable.
(d) With the exception of designated events, food and drink are only permitted in the lobby. Closed lid, non-breakable, water bottles are permitted in all areas.
(e) Personal music devices or phones must be used with earphones. Please be respectful of others and silence cell phones.  Host extended phone calls in the lobby.
(f) Music is limited to organized group events or instructor led programs.
(g) Respect clients’ personal space and avoid extended gazes toward others.
(h) Please clean areas of debris and return equipment after use. Recycling containers are located throughout the facility.
(i) Store gym bags and personal items in lockers. Do not place personal items in active workout areas. The Wellness center is not                           responsible for loss of theft of personal items. Store gym bags and personal items in lockers. Lockers are for day use only and locks left overnight or longer may be removed and/or destroyed. Please do not place personal items in active workout areas.                                          8.06 Conduct:  Individuals who engage in the following behaviors may have their access suspended or terminated, without refund:
(a) Theft, vandalism or malicious destruction of property.
(b) Fraudulent use of a membership card or facilitating unauthorized entry.
(c) Possession or use of a weapon on Wellness Center property.
(d) Possession, use, or distribution of illegal substances on Wellness Center property.
(e) Use of profanity or threatening and disrespectful behavior toward another individual.
(f) Behavior that adversely affects others or the Wellness Center reputation.
(g) Failure to comply with Wellness Center Staff requests or directives.
(h) Behavior indicating an individual is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
8.07 Antioch College Sexual Offense Prevention Policy (SOPP) is a campus-wide policy in which all sexual interactions at Antioch College must be consensual. Consent means verbally asking and verbally giving or denying consent for all levels of sexual behavior. Non-consensual sexual behavior, verbal and sexual harassment are not tolerated. As a visitor to campus you are expected to comply with this policy. The entire policy is available for review on the college’s website at:
8.08 Smoking Policy: Smoking, tobacco use, and vaping are limited to designated areas on campus. Smoking and vaping are prohibited inside the facility, around the exterior of the facility and on the outdoor courts.
8.09 Alcohol Policy: Alcohol is permitted only at organized events formally contracted through the Wellness Center and properly licensed through the state. No glass.  
8.10 Minors at the Wellness Center: The Wellness Center strives to provide an environment where individuals of all ages can participate in health and wellness activities. To ensure both a safe and enjoyable experience, the following rules apply to minors in the facility:
(a) Minors age 14 and under require a chaperone while within the facility.
(b) A Chaperone must be at least 15 years of age and accept responsibility for the minor(s).
(c) The following chart list supervision requirements by age and location.

Chaperone Requirements by Age, Location, and Level of Supervision

Age Group Fitness Class Fitness Room Aquatic Facility South Gym East Gym Studios A,B,C Loft Raquetball Courts Locker Rooms
15 & Up U U U U U U U U U
12-14 S D O D O D N D O
11 & Under S N D D D D N D D

Unrestricted     On Site     Specified Classes     Direct Supervision     Not Permitted

Unrestricted: Unchaperoned access.
On Site: Chaperone must remain in the facility as long as the minor is present.
Direct Supervision: Chaperone must remain with the minor.
Specified Classes: Classes specifically identified in the program for or including minors
Not Permitted: Not permitted access to the room, space, or activity.
Note: A Chaperone must be 18 years of age or older to supervise a minor in the Fitness room.
8.11  Fitness Room: The following rules apply to Fitness Room activities:
(a) Follow all safety procedures for equipment use, including but not limited to using safety clips or stops on free weight equipment.
(b) Ask Wellness Center Staff or Center Trainers to demonstrate proper use of unfamiliar equipment.
(c) Do not use equipment in disrepair. Report deficiencies to a staff member immediately.
(d) Avoid dropping free weights, slamming machine weights and placing weights on benches.
(e) Ensure you have adequate space and clearance for the exercise you are performing.
(f) Use caution when spotting others; make sure the weight is appropriate for the lifter and you are confident you can safely aid if required.
(g) Clean and return equipment to original condition when not actively using it.  Clean all bars and store all weights, dumbbells, or kettlebells immediately after use.
(h) Use provided cleaning spray and wipes before and after equipment use.
(i) Equipment cannot be reserved. Remove all personal belongings when you are not actively exercising on the equipment or at the workout station. No Food or Glass in the Fitness Room or surrounding areas.  
(j) Powdered chalk is not permitted. Liquid chalk is acceptable if used judiciously.
(k) Limit use of cardio equipment to 20 minutes during peak hours or when others are waiting
8.12 Spin Loft: The loft spin cycles are reserved for group fitness classes and not available for individual use.
8.13 Gymnasiums: These multi use facilities have both scheduled events and open availability. The following applies to gymnasiums:
(a) Scheduled basketball, pickleball, volleyball and other similar sports are open to all unless otherwise posted. All scheduled times and availability are subject to change. Age requirements apply.  
(b) During “open gym” time, activities are available on a first come, first served basis. To maximize participation, please work cooperatively with others or limit the duration of your activity

9. Classes, Workshops and Series

9.01 Group Fitness Classes: regularly scheduled classes led by certified instructors. Class sizes are limited.  The following applies to group fitness classes:
(a) There is a fee to attend group fitness classes. The fee must be paid at time of reservation.
(b) Group fitness classes are included with Premium membership.
(c) Please see 8.09 Minors at the Wellness Center for minor restrictions.
(d) Participants are expected to arrive 10 minutes before class start. Instructors or staff may decline participation to individuals who arrive after class start time.
(e) Participants must check in at the Guest Services desk.
(f) Group Fitness Classes are first come, first served. Class advance registration is available one day before class start. Register through the website, phone app or call the Guest Services desk at (937) 319-0100.
9.02 Series and Workshops: Series and workshops are unique instructor led programs or events of varied duration. Pricing varies by offering. The following applies to series and workshops:
(a) Attendance requires registration and advance payment. Registration may be accomplished at the Guest Services desk, (937)319-0100, or through the website.
(b) Participants are responsible for confirming program dates and times.
(c) Participants must check-in with Guest Services desk the day of the event.
(d) Client cancellations within one week of the program start date are non-refundable.
(e) Wellness Center cancellations entitle the guest to a full refund or Wellness Center account credit.

10. Personal Training and Bodywork

10.01 The Wellness Center maintains a diverse staff of certified personal trainers and specialists. The Guest Services desk can provide biographies and assist you with selecting the right trainer or specialist to meet your goals. The following applies to sessions in this category:
(a) The Guest Services desk schedules sessions and receives payment. All session payments are made to the Wellness Center at Antioch College.
(b) Cancellations within 24 hours of a scheduled appointment are billed to the client and are non-refundable. Outstanding charges must be settled before scheduling another session.
(c) Sessions begin and end promptly as scheduled. A late client arrival may shorten session length.
(d) Clients receive a complimentary 30-minute training session if the trainer or specialist arrives more than 15 minutes after scheduled start time or cancels the session with less than 2 hours advanced notice.
(e) All pre-paid individual personal training sessions expire 3 months from purchase.

11. Drop-in Sports Programs                                                              

11.01 The Wellness Center often offers a variety of Drop-in Sports programs throughout the year including Basketball, Volleyball, Futsal (Soccer), Pickleball, and Master Swim.  Check the Current schedule.
(a) Space may be limited to a maximum of participants at any given time.
(b) There may be is a fee to attend for Members and Non-Members . All participants must check in at the front desk on arrival, and pay any designated fee.  Waivers must be signed by authorized adult for participation.
(c) Drop-in Sports Participants are limited to participation to that activity if no day pass is purchased or if not a Member.
(d) The parent or guardian must remain within the Wellness Center if the child is under 14.
(e) All participants must wear proper play clothes, gym shoes and be toilet trained.
(f) The staff is not responsible for personal property. No phones or electronic devices.
(g) Except for closed lid, non-breakable, water bottles, no snacks or beverages are allowed.

12. Aquatic Courses and Swim lessons

12.01 The Wellness Center offers a myriad of swimming and water safety courses including: Parent and Child Aquatics; Preschool Aquatics;  & private and semi-private swim lessons for all ages & abilities.  Lessons and Clinics are additional.  E-mail  for more info or to register. Private and semi-private lessons are scheduled to fit client’s schedule.  Discounted rates for members.   

13. Unscheduled Closures of the Wellness Center

13.01 Closure Notice:  All closures, delays, modified hours or program cancellations are posted on the Antioch Wellness Center website at
13.02 Inclement Weather Closure: The Wellness Center adheres to College policy and safety recommendations for inclement weather. The following list of weather conditions will result in closure or delayed opening:
(a) Greene County Level 2 or 3 Snow Emergency.
(b) Extreme wind chill of -30 degrees Fahrenheit.
(c) Icing resulting in unsafe parking lots and sidewalks.
(d) Other weather related or campus safety issues that warrant closure.
(e) Any other time the College Provost determines conditions on campus or in the facility are unsafe.
13.03 Class Cancellations: Class cancellations due to conditions limiting instructor travel are posted on the website 60 minutes or more prior to class start time at
13.04 Unscheduled Maintenance or Unsafe Condition Closure: The Wellness Center may close for unscheduled maintenance when such maintenance is required to ensure the safety of guests, the quality of service, or the structural integrity of the facility and systems.
13.05 Refund Policy for All Unscheduled Closures: The Wellness Center does not refund or credit accounts for unscheduled closures. If possible, management will attempt to reschedule workshops, series, aquatic lessons and events.

14.The Wellness Center Mobile Phone Application

The Wellness Center offers a custom mobile phone application for members and guests. The “Wellness Center at Antioch College” phone application may be downloaded at no charge.   Search for the application in your phone’s “App Store.” Benefits of the application include:
(a) Get instant notifications of closures, class cancellations or program changes.
(b) Use your phone to review updated class and program schedules.
(c) Enroll in programs and classes.
(d) Use your phone to scan into the Wellness Center.


Please note the above policies are subject to change or modification at any time.


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