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Katie Slanker

Katie Slanker

BOC Certified Athletic Trainer

As a personal trainer, Katie has helped people achieve fitness and health goals since 2002 and she developed quite a following.  Her clients include individuals seeking to integrate fitness into a busy schedule; clients with targeted fitness or physique goals for specific dates or important events; competitive endurance athletes; and clients who simply desire to increase energy and mobility to enjoy life or keep up with the grandchildren. Katie holds a BS in Health and Human Services with a major in Athletic Training/Exercise Physiology and an MAEd. Katie’s in-depth education, accompanied by her enthusiasm, make her a dynamic and effective personal trainer and group fitness leader. She provides the education, motivation, and accountability you need to achieve your goals; but, most importantly she is just fun to train with! A quote from Katie: “I can’t wait to show you how much fitness and a healthy lifestyle can change your life!”


To schedule an appointment with Katie, the Wellness Center at (937) 319-0100 or stop by the front desk to inquire.


Lynn Hardman

Lynn Hardman

ACE Certified Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor since 1989, SilverSneakers FLEX Instructor since 2011


As a lifelong sports and fitness enthusiast, Lynn is truly at home in the Wellness Center at Antioch College where she grew up to love playing and moving! With over 35 years of professional fitness experience, she says, “Every day I’m still learning and yearning to help others find enjoyable, sustainable fitness programs.” Her philosophy is that you are the expert on you, and she will work together with you to develop an individualized program to help you reach your goals.

To schedule an appointment with Katie, the Wellness Center at (937) 319-0100 or stop by the front desk to inquire.


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Monday-Friday 6:00am-8:00pm (Pool closes at 7:45pm)

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240 East South College Street, Yellow Springs, OH 45387

Located on Antioch College Campus at the corner of E. South College and Livermore Street

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