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Students Coming to Campus

Prior to Coming to Campus

All students (new and returning) are strongly encouraged to engage in safety protocols beginning 14 days prior to traveling to campus:
  • Practice health and wellness protocols including:
    • Limit non-essential travel and activities
    • Avoid large gatherings, such as bars, house parties or other densely populated events
    • Social distancing – stay at least 6 feet (about 2 arms’ length) from other people who are not from your household in both indoor and outdoor spaces.
    • Wearing of masks or face coverings
    • Daily monitoring and assessment of symptoms
    • Regular handwashing and/or regular use of hand sanitizer.
    • See Antioch Health Services “Care Plan” for Students During the 2020 Pandemic for more detailed information
  • All students (new and returning) are encouraged to obtain a COVID-19 test before traveling to campus if they have the resources to do so. Tests should be obtained in time to receive results within 48-72 hours of traveling to campus.
    • We realize everyone may not have access to a test. You may try contacting your local public health department, free clinics, local pharmacies such as CVS and Walgreens, and community organizations.
    • If you receive a positive test, do not come to campus. Shelter in place according to the CDC standard of care, which is 72 hours of having no fever above 100.4 and is not taking antipyretic medications to treat the fever, and at least 10 days since first symptoms.
    • Persons with the COVID-19 virus should not travel for their own benefit and to reduce the possibility of spreading the virus to others.
    • Students with COVID-19 symptoms and who are unable to obtain a test should consult with the Campus Nurse before traveling to campus.

Once on Campus

  • All students will receive a rapid COVID-19 test upon arrival to campus and prior to moving into their assigned residence hall. Testing will occur during the scheduled move-in dates only. A follow-up email about testing will be sent prior to arrival.
  • Students who test positive will have the option to return home if feasible and desired. Those who are unable to return home will move into our designated quarantine space where they will remain up to 14 days until assessed by the Campus Nurse to be safe to be released into the Antioch general population. See above for the CDC standard of care guidelines for the quarantine process.
  • Students who present with COVID-19 symptoms will move into our designated isolation space until released as stated above.
  • Students who are asymptomatic and test negative will move into their assigned rooms.
  • Students unwilling to take the rapid test will be unable to live on campus.

We are partnering with the Greene County Public Health Department for additional testing and contact tracing during the quarter.

*Please note: during the contact tracing process when needed, information will be shared with the Greene County Public Health Department, which includes name, address, phone number and date of birth.